Quality and Safety

Our current model doesn’t always deliver high quality, safe services – despite best efforts we often struggle to deliver the quality of care that we would be proud of.


  • There are quality concerns with many of our services, including maternity and children (paediatrics), with concerns raised about not meeting certain core standards set out by national guidance, particularly around staffing
  • We have not met our 4 hour waiting time at A&E since the summer of 2014
  • We regularly have more people attending at A&E than we can cope with, leading to crowded and uncomfortable waits. You are more likely to die if you are admitted through a crowded A&E department


  • Over 15% of ambulances wait for over 30 minutes to handover patients at our A&Es
  • We lost over 1000 bed days in November 2015 because of avoidable delays in discharging people from hospital
  • Some residents are waiting as long as 18 months for an initial mental health assessment