Demographics and demand

Demand for our services is increasing because of our population profile (an ageing population, many with long term conditions and multiple needs).

We need to keep our older people out of hospital and treat them closer to home.


  • Our population of over 75s is projected to more than double in size in the next 20 years.  Already over 22% of our population is over 65.
  • 27% of our population is obese and we have over 42,000 recorded residents with diabetes.
  • Nationally over 70% of money spent on healthcare goes on those people with one or more long term conditions of whom 70-80% are capable of self-managing. People with long term conditions are more likely to be over 65 and to live in deprived areas.Quote6


  • Nationally, 48% of people over 85 die within a year of a hospital admission.   10 days in a hospital if over 80 leads to equivalent of 10 years ageing in their muscles.