Urgent Care: right place, first time

We will ensure that people can access better quality care in the right setting when they need help in an emergency.   This will be done by:

  • Providing a number of urgent care centres for those people with illnesses and injuries who can be seen by GPs and nurse practitioners, without making an appointment and be discharged after receiving treatment or referred on to a hospital
  • Introducing a Clinical Assessment Service which will enable clinicians to divert people to the most appropriate service¬†
  • Consolidating our emergency services, currently provided across 3 hospital sites, in line with NHS national guidance: thisUrgent Care is especially important in a rural county where the numbers of people who require specialist treatment can be relatively low and where a critical mass is needed to ensure we have the right skilled workforce and can offer a viable service
  • Some services like major trauma will continue to only be offered outside of Lincolnshire

Our main hospitals will likely to be smaller and more specialist with a higher percentage of what they currently do being delivered closer to home, either in urgent care centres, community hospitals or via their neighbourhood team or GP surgery.