How will it affect me?

All people who live in or visit our county will be able to access good quality and safe health and care services. This means:

  • Being able to get help and support without having to turn up to A&E to ensure you see a doctor or nurse
  • Having access to more information so you can manage your own care where appropriate without needing to see a professional
  • Knowing what support is available locally in your neighbourhood and being able to get an appointment more easily and quicker with the right person
  • Better sharing of information (where relevant) so that you don’t have to endlessly repeat your story as you get passed from professional to professional
  • Only going into hospital when you really need toLincs Vision pic

    As a carer:

    There will be greater recognition of your role as a carer. This will include more awareness of carers by professionals and greater support to ensure your health and wellbeing. It will also mean that you will be able to get more involved in the health and care treatment and decisions about the person you care for.

    As someone later in life:

    For older people who often access a wide variety of health and care services, support will be joined up. This means professionals from different services work together to get you the right support wherever possible, avoiding a lengthy hospital stay. In particular, health and care assessments will be joined up and you will be better supported when you come out of hospital.

    As someone with complex health and care needs:

    For those with complex health and care needs, you may still have to travel out of county to access the care and support you need. However, if you do have to travel out of county this should be for a smaller proportion of your treatment, with more routine elements delivered nearer to your home.