We are pleased to publish our Sustainability and Transformation Plan for Lincolnshire.  Please see below for a summary document of the STP, the full submission document, our press release and some FAQs about the STP.

All these documents plus the Appendices to support the STP are available here.

If you would like to share your views on Lincolnshire’s STP prior to the full public consultation please click here.

NHS England have produced a video explaining how and why STP proposals are trying to improve health and care for patients.

No final decisions will be made until the public have had a chance to express their views through a full public consultation.  We will listen to feedback from the public before any decision is taken.

Lincolnshire’s Health and Care organisations have worked together in partnership to submit the Sustainability and Transformation Plan.  Lincolnshire’s plan has been built on the work undertaken through LHAC which has developed proposals for a new health and care model built on 3 years of engagement with over 18,000 people including staff, clinicians, elected members and stakeholder and community groups.

Our STP is underpinned by Lincolnshire’s Vision for Health and Care, developed by our System Executive Team in August 2016 (click here to view the Vision).

As well as looking at how we improve the quality of care in the county, meet our NHS constitutional standards and close the gap in health and wellbeing in Lincolnshire, our plan demonstrates how we will bring the system back into financial balance by 2021.

Some elements of our Plan are already in progress such as the introduction of the Care Portal, the new Clinical Assessment Service and the development of Integrated Neighbourhood Care Teams.  Other elements are at an earlier stage of development and will require further input and involvement from our stakeholders.  Many of the initiatives that are detailed in our plan relate to how we can be more efficient, make best use of people, estates and technology, and improve productivity across our workforce.   

To find out more about the national process of producing STPs click here.