Our vision:

Lincolnshire Health and Care is transforming health and care in Lincolnshire.

Our partnership of all 13 major health and care organisations in the county has been developing proposals for a high quality, safe and sustainable health and care system which better meets the needs of current and future residents.

Our Vision has now been refreshed as part of the work undertaken in 2016 to develop our Sustainability and Transformation Plan.  This plan is a national requirement and sets out how we will improve health and wellbeing, quality and care and the finances of our system by 2021.   Our plan builds on the work already undertaken through LHAC to transform our health and care services.  More information about the progress of our STP can be viewed here.

Click here to read our vision for how services will look and feel in 2021 or watch the video to show how things will be improved for patients like Mary.

The challenge we face is not about doing “lots more of the same”, but delivering a radically different model of care, one that delivers care at home wherever possible and gives our residents greater choice, control and responsibility. This will mean that what our hospitals do may change significantly, with fewer admissions, greater specialisation, and a more joined up way of delivering community based care.

Our aim is to deliver the best quality care we can for the whole population with the resources we have available.   We will also be bringing our services into the 21st century and making the most of new opportunities to improve the way we deliver our care.

We’ve spoken to over 15,000 residents and staff to find out how you think things can be improved and this has fed directly into the options being considered for health and care.

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