Self Care

Our vision is that people and communities have the confidence and motivation to improve and maintain their health and wellbeing.

‘Self-Care’ is a collaborative approach to supporting individuals, families, carers and communities to develop the knowledge, skills and self-confidence they need to care for themselves and their conditions effectively.

Our ambition is for people to have the support they need to access the information, advice, tools and resources needed to improve and maintain their health and wellbeing, manage their own conditions and prevent them escalating from something manageable into a crisis situation.

Support services for Self-Care span a multitude of areas, such as advice about managing long-term conditions, providing specialist equipment to help maintain independence, education and training services, and making links with others in the community to help people feel less lonely with social activities such as lunch clubs.

Self-Care should fit seamlessly into the provision of health and social care services. With the right support and information, people can be empowered to look after their own health, backed up by access to health and social care services when they need them. Self-Care and care from professionals should work hand-in-hand and staff should have an awareness of self-care services so they can recommend and refer people to access Self-Care support.

To read more about the ongoing plans for Self-Care please see the document below.

Self Care Strategic Plan