Developing Ideas

In 2013 health and care professionals, patients and carers came together to agree a vision for health and care in Lincolnshire. To deliver this vision a Blueprint for change was created, identifying 22 ideas. All organizations agreed this would be Lincolnshire’s 5 year plan for health and care. The Blueprint is available in our documents section.

Click here to see a governance structure chart which shows how the programme is organised.

Who’s involved?

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  • During 2014-2015 we developed our model and worked on turning our 22 brave new ideas into a whole new model for health and care.
  • Workshops and Care Summits have taken place to look at different areas of work, like urgent care and planned care, learning from what works nationally and internationally to understand what would fit for Lincolnshire.
  • Clinicians have taken the lead on this with direct input from members of the public, patients and carers.
  • Developing plans and understanding the need for staffing, transport infrastructure, IT and buildings, which are all critical to delivering a new model for care.

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What’s next?

Moving forward in 2016 our model will need to be agreed both nationally and locally. This will involve:

  • Bringing together all the elements of our new model for health and care (like urgent care and care in the community) and checking and validating that it will work as a whole system
  • Costing and evaluating the proposals against criteria such as quality, affordability, accessibility and deliverability.
  • Making progress on those ideas which can be implemented straight away – see our pages on what’s happening now
  • The model still has a number of options around changes to our hospital services and these will be put to the public later in 2016 so that they can have their view
  • NHS England are required to approve our proposals for change to ensure they will contribute towards bringing the whole health system back into balance financially